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Audio Production Company

It’s not just sound. It’s something you want to hear.

Audio production for events is an absolute necessity. No matter the size of the event, you need quality audio production. It has to be clear, crisp, and powerful to provide the guests with a top-notch experience. Whether it’s a 50,000 person music arena or an intimate 100-person wedding, Stellar Productions has the sound and audio equipment for all your audio visual events.

Sound that sounds right.

We’re not going to let you miss a single lyric of your favorite song, nor are we going to risk you not being able to hear the best man’s speech at your daughter’s wedding. AV with Stellar Productions is full-service and all-encompassing. We have the equipment your event needs to stay powered and keep production humming along.

After all, it’s live event production, so let it make you feel alive!

Audio Services

The way we do audio visual events at Stellar Productions means we take care of everything. You’re going to get powerful audio from a team that understands quality.

Line Array Systems

Need a sound system for a 50,000-person concert venue? Check. Looking for a specific L-acoustic sound system like a K-2 or a Kara? We’ve got those as well. Impressive in looks and sound, our line array systems provide clear, consistent, reinforced sound quality to audiences of all sizes.

Powered Speakers

For smaller events like wedding ceremonies and receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and corporate events, our powered speakers do the trick. These speakers are easy to set up and manage. You’ll get the right level of sound without the need for another amplifier. Save space but never quality.

Wireless Systems

It’s a wireless world and we’re just living in it. Wireless microphones and in-ears give musicians, performers, and lecturers the ability to communicate with their crews, hear themselves, and hear the audience (if they want/need to). Wireless systems for school performances like plays and graduation ceremonies make it easy to stay connected no matter the size of the auditorium. We even offer ADA-paired functionality for hearing impaired individuals and have translation capabilities with multi language features.


Got a band? We’ve got your back. Our fully-fledged system includes keyboards, guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, personal in-ears, piano shells, percussion, music stands, and more. We even offer various colors for our drum sets and piano shells so you can customize the look and feel of your setup.

Mixing Consoles

DJ turn it up! Actually, let us do that for you. Our Midas M32 and X32 desk boards enable you to accept, combine, process, and monitor audio so it never gets out of hand.

Your Sound. Our Support.

Stellar Productions has the speaker systems, DJ systems, and band/entertainment support your event needs to shine. Our audio packages provide sound for everything from corporate events to music festivals. Best of all, we’re professionals. We’ve been in the audio visual event industry since 2006. We know what it takes to deliver controlled, contained, quality sound production.

Sound like something you could get behind? Contact us today.