Backline Source Instrument Rental in NJ & The Tristate Area

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Backline Source Equipment

Reinforce your sound system with the right backline equipment. Stellar Productions in NJ has everything musicians need to have an unforgettable performance. 

What is Backline?

Have a Band? You need a backline. In the simplest terms, backline is just about every audio component musicians need for a performance. This includes everything from amplifiers and speakers to actual instruments like drums, keyboards, piano shells, and other forms of percussion. 

Backline is also music stands, guitars, risers, microphones, and speakers. When you want quality sound and you want it to be loud, you need backline. 

Why Backline is Necessary

While bands have their own instruments, playing at home or in a practice session is completely different from doing a live performance. Live music events require specific amps, mics, speakers, and instruments to make sure all the audio sounds the way you want it to, not just to you but also to your audience. 

Then there’s the element of production, which is a major factor of backline. From the look, feel, and sound of the performance to the lighting and communication functionality, backline with Stellar Productions takes care of it all.  

What We Offer

At Stellar Productions, we have a fully fledged backline setup, including keyboards, guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, and personal in-ears. We also have drums, piano shells, an array of percussion, mic stands, and essentially anything a band needs to get onstage for a full production. 

Our piano shells and drums come in three colors (white, black, and red) so you can customize the visual aspects of your setup. We also incorporate specific lighting in our av event production in NJ and the tristate area as part of our backline. In total, we have 316 systems so no matter how big your band is or how far you want the audio to go, we’ll be able to take you there.

Get started with backline for your next event in NJ or the tristate area when you contact Stellar Productions today!