LED Video Wall Rental in NJ and the Tristate Area

LED Video Wall
Light up your event and light up your life with Stellar Productions’ LED Video Walls. With stunning visuals and customizable display options, your next event will be pixel perfect.

About Our LED Video Walls

LED Screens can be used for a number of purposes across a wide range of events. Display a wedding montage for all guests to see or broadcast a performer at a major concert. Live stream the artist and band so even the people in the nosebleed seats can get a good look at what’s going on onstage. With 2.8 pixel pitch, your display will be crisp and clear so no one misses any part of the special moments.

LED Video Wall Uses

If you’re putting on an event, there are tons of options when it comes to visuals and display. LED Video Walls let everyone in the venue see what the front row sees, sometimes even better and clearer. LED Video Walls aren’t just for major events though. They can be used for events of all sizes, including small and intimate gatherings as well as 10,000-person arenas. Here are just some of the ways our customers in NJ and the tristate area use Stellar Productions’ LED screens:
  • Corporate Events. Company milestones deserve to be celebrated and shared. The right LED Wall will ensure everyone sees the CEO say “cheers!” to another great year.
  • Concerts and Festivals. Major music venues need visually stunning ways to show all audience members what’s on the stage. LED Video Walls make it so that even the people in the way back will have a fantastic experience and will be able to see their favorite performers.
  • Trade Shows. Want to make a real impact at your next trade show? Step up your display game by bringing a few LED panels. Yours will be the event everyone will be talking about for years to come.
  • Weddings. Great for wedding montages, LED Video Walls can also be used to showcase speeches during the reception. Now there’s no need to worry about anyone missing the best man’s toast!
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Get everyone on the dance floor with fun graphics and displays. Plus, LED Video Walls are a must-have during the candle-lighting ceremony.
  • Churches and Religious Services. Some religious congregations are so large that they require additional broadcasting solutions. LED Video Walls are a great way to help everyone keep the faith and stay connected.

Benefits of Stellar Productions’ LED Video Wall Rentals

At Stellar Productions, our LED Video Wall Rentals are designed to meet our customers’ every need. Highly customizable and clear, our screens are a step or two above the rest. Some of the ways we stand out from the competition are:
  • Quantity. Our team has over 700 panels with access to a lot more should you need them.
  • Customizable configurations. Our studio can do any type of design you dream up, and even ones you didn’t think of before.
  • High resolution. There once was a time when the standard pixel pitch was 15. Nowadays, most video rental companies offer between 4-3 but Stellar Productions delivers 2.8 point pixel pitch. Your displays will be sharp and clear for everyone to see.
  • Indoor and outdoor. Weather won’t be an issue when it comes to Stellar Productions’ LED screens. Use them inside or outside and you’ll still have a Stellar experience.
  • Knowledgeable personnel. Our team members make all the difference. Professional and knowledgeable, we’ll get you set up hassle-free.
For more information about our LED Video Wall rentals, feel free to contact us today.