Lighting Console Rentals in NJ and the Tristate Area

Stage lights

A lighter, brighter, better way to shine.

Stellar Productions knows the value of quality lighting design. We’ve been operating light boards since before our inception back in 2006. As a leading audio visual events production company in NJ and the tristate area, we’re committed to delivering high quality, well planned-out lighting design that impresses everyone. Whether you have a simple school play that needs stage lighting or need extremely intricate lighting design for a music festival, our lighting consoles will keep you in your light every step of the way.

Control the Light. Control the Show.

Also known as lightboards, lighting boards, and lighting desks, lighting consoles are the electronic boards that allow technicians to control multiple lights at the same time. Lightboards are regularly used throughout the entertainment industry for live events, performances, festivals, and more.

There are many components to a lighting system, some of which include:

  • Moving lights
  • Static lights
  • Dimmers
  • Effects
  • Media services

This hardware makes operating the lights manageable by putting all the controls into one board. It’s up to the lighting tech to know how to operate the board (i.e., turn the lights up, turn the lights down, use the dimmer at the right time, etc). One wrong move could leave everyone in the dark, essentially ruining the entire production.

How the lights communicate with the rest of the features, such as sound, video, and the performers, is what makes a production really shine. That’s why it’s extremely important to have an experienced event production team handling the lightboard. Enter Stellar Productions.

Plan. Program. Execute.

When you need lighting design for the stage, you need to work with the professionals. At Stellar Productions, we do it all. We start by having our lighting designer plan out all the intricacies of the show, from the moment the lights go up until the final bow. Once we lay this all out, we program it in the lighting console. Then it’s up to the operator to execute it with precision and sync it up with the rest of the production.

Why Choose Stellar Productions for Lighting Console Rentals?

It takes a qualified programmer/lighting control technician to operate a lighting console and help the show run smoothly. This person needs to know how to read the lighting plan and program the equipment accurately. Not only do they need to know how to configure the console’s initial settings, but they must also understand how to set focus positions, incorporate colors, set gobo patterns, and facilitate the rotation of each lighting instrument. You can’t just hire anyone. That’s where Stellar Productions is different.

Our personnel will come in and operate the console to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Plus, we come equipped with the best light console hardware in the business: grandMA3. From the moment the curtain goes up until the standing ovation at the end, you can trust that our lighting solutions will deliver.

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