Line Array Audio System Rental in NJ & The Tristate Area

Kara Downfill

Line Array Audio System Rental

Ready to sound great? Stellar Productions will make sure everything falls in line. Stack your event’s sound system right with our premium line array audio setup. With the clear, crisp audio our systems provide, the only feedback you’ll be hearing is from guests about how great everything sounds.

The Line Array Audio System Setup

Event production in NJ and the tristate area sounds better with Stellar Productions’ line array systems. Our speakers are strong and powerful while always remaining clear and feedback-free. Sound travels directly from the stacked array to the audience without reflections, so there’s no muffled noise or garbled audio.

Who Uses Line Array Systems?

We see a few types of customers come to us for line array systems in NJ. The first is the event producer. This type of customer typically has a 1,000, 5,000, or even 25,000-person venue. Think of the following spaces:

  • Concert halls
  • Stadiums
  • Outdoor festivals
  • Houses of worship
  • Theaters 

The primary factor here is sound – make it sound good and make it LOUD. We have the bandwidth to get the crowd going and keep things sounding fantastic. Whether you’re giving a speech to 10,000 people or are putting on a concert, everyone will hear what you have to say loud and clear.

You can bank on the fact that we’ll deliver. In fact, Wells Fargo did when they were our client. We did 14 separate hands of line array systems at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. One thing’s for sure: that sound quality was rich.

Not sure if we have enough inventory to meet your needs? We do. Our company has 104 boxes of line array systems and 43 subwoofers. 

Line arrays aren’t only for major events, though. They’re also popular for customers looking for something specific, like L-acoustic systems. For them, we carry three models of L-acoustic systems:

  • K-1 Line Array L-Acoustic Systems
  • Kara Line Array L-Acoustic Systems
  • D&B Line Array L-Acoustic Systems

DJs and musicians playing smaller venues would find value in these line arrays.

Then there’s the 50-100-person wedding. While this type of setup doesn’t require the same amount of power as a major arena, it’s still valuable to have a line array. Not only does it look impressive but it will make sure no one misses a word of the best man’s speech and your daughter’s wedding. This type of setup is relatively easy. With less power and programming, our team can get things going fast. 

Line up your AV event production in NJ and the tristate area right with Stellar Productions. To get started, contact us today!