Live Streaming Services in NJ and the Tristate Area

Professional digital video cameras ready for broadcast
Stream your services seamlessly with Stellar Productions. Church service? Business conference? Wedding, Sweet 16, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Live streaming with Stellar Productions keeps everyone connected whether they’re able to be physically present or not.

How Live Streaming Works

Bring in the audio, video, and all the works with Stellar Productions. Our full-service event production company also does live streaming for events so you and your guests never have to worry about anyone missing any part of the party. Available in real-time, live streaming sends a feed of what’s going on in the event space directly to people from all over the world. Not a technical wizard? You don’t have to be! Stellar Productions’ live streaming team takes care of everything behind the scenes. That includes video capture, compression, encoding, segmentation, content delivery network (CDN) distribution, CDN caching, decoding, video playback, and more. All you have to do is tell us what you want to stream and we’ll make it happen.

About Our Live Streaming Services

Live streaming has become commonplace these days but the way we do it at Stellar Productions is anything but. All our video equipment is Black Magic Design, so you know you’re getting only top tier quality. Our broadcast cameras and lenses are fully equipped to livestream multi-camera views. We can mix up to 14 cameras at a time and have the ability to incorporate various levels with cranes. Best of all, everything gets recorded in 4K quality. Your viewers will be more than happy with the high resolution, high definition picture they see on their screens. Everything will be crisp, clear, and accurate. It truly doesn’t get any better than that.

Limitless Event Live Streaming Services

The way the world works nowadays, you can live stream just about anything. That means the opportunities are endless when it comes to expanding your reach.
  • Corporate Events & Conferences. More and more companies these days operate on a global scale. That means they need the ability to livestream their important conferences and meetings to the masses, no matter where they’re sitting. At Stellar Productions, we’ve made it easy to livestream to and from wherever you are in the world. Your company conference might be at the Meadowlands in NJ but that won’t stop your colleagues in Switzerland from being able to tune in. Best of all, they won’t experience lags or delays. Make real-time decisions and foster collaboration the way it was meant to be done.
  • Seminars. Great for educational purposes, live streaming has become a vital tool in the corporate and academic worlds.
  • Workshops. Livestream people in from all over the world to foster increased collaboration in international workshops.
  • Networking Events. Virtual networking events are now made possible. Connect with your peers and meet new business contacts more easily.
  • Weddings & Parties. Life’s special moments should be cherished and shared, but sometimes not everyone can make it in person. That doesn’t have to ruin anyone’s good time. Let guests stream in to watch the ceremony or party alongside the Mother of the Bride on the virtual dancefloor.
  • School Events. Live stream that high school musical or the big game easily and lag-free.
  • Concerts, Festivals, & Shows. An increasing number of performers recognize the importance of making live streaming available to their fans. Artists, musicians, plays, musicals, comedians, and even full concert festivals use live streaming as an alternative to being in person. The event might be sold out but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach your audience in other creative ways. Live streaming with Stellar Productions makes it possible.
Keep the live stream going strong with Stellar Productions. For more information on how to bring live streaming to your event, contact us today!