Powered Speaker Rental in NJ & The Tristate Area

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Powered Speaker Rental in NJ and the Tristate Area

We’ve got the power! And the speakers to go with it. Also known as Active Speakers, our Powered Speakers are just what you need to get any crowd going.

About Powered Speakers

Whether you call them powered speakers or active speakers, one thing is for sure: ours are going to turn up the volume on your event. Get strong, crisp, clear audio for your next event in NJ or the tristate area with our powered speaker systems.

Active Vs. Passive Speakers

When deciding on audio for your event, there are several things you’ll want to consider. Ease of setup, sound quality, and space are among the top three. Plus there’s the connectivity aspect (i.e., WiFi and Bluetooth).

Benefits of Powered Speakers

  • Easy Setup

Powered speakers are very easy to set up. All we need is an audio source signal like a media player to produce sound. Connecting these speakers to the source will generate sufficient sound so the music or audio is loud enough to get the party started and keep it going.

  • Use Less Space

Because powered speakers come with their own built-in amplifiers, they require less space. This is especially beneficial for smaller venues and events like intimate gatherings. It’s also great if you want something portable and don’t have the capacity for a major installation.

  • Exceptional Sound Quality

We’d be remiss if we didn’t address the sound quality aspect of powered speakers. While both active and passive speakers offer great sound quality, the chances of ending up with something crisper, clearer, and more refined are higher with powered speakers. That’s because with passive speakers, you have to choose your own amplifier. While this could go fine, it also leaves a lot of room for interpretation. If the speaker and the amplifier are suitable for each other, you’re going to hear it.

  • WiFi and Bluetooth

Powered speakers are typically compatible with wireless speaker systems. While they can connect to audio sources using a line input (RCA cables), wireless transmitters eliminate that need, giving you a neater setup overall.  It’s just one less thing to worry about for your event in NJ or the tristate area.

Who Uses Powered Speakers?

At Stellar Productions, we see a variety of customers looking for powered speakers. They can be used for anyone and everyone from page monitors for singers to corporate events. Some of the most popular uses for powered speakers include small wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, breakout sessions in larger corporate events, announcements, and anywhere in the event space.

Turn up the volume on your next event when you power it with Stellar Productions. For more information about powered speakers, contact us today!