Wireless System Rental in NJ & The Tristate Area

Wireless Systems

Wireless System Rental in NJ and the Tristate Area

It’s a wireless word and we’re just living in it. If you’re looking for a wireless audio system to amplify your next event in NJ or the tristate area, look no further than Stellar Productions. Our equipment allows you to seamlessly connect speakers to mics and in-ears for a cord-free, high quality experience.

About Our Wireless Audio Systems

Stellar Productions breaks down our wireless offerings into two main categories: wireless mics and wireless in-ears.

Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones are great for singers, performers, and lecturers. They come in two versions: handheld and over ear/lapel mics. Suitable for instruments and drama productions, these mics are typically used for band performances, school performances, actors, and broadcast style productions. 

School plays and musicals use wireless mics to enhance the production quality of their performances. This offers a more professional, hassle-free way to get the sound out to the entire audience. 

At Stellar Productions, our wireless systems include 2 racks of 8 microphones on each, as well as 2 racks of 10 microphones. We also offer sets of 4 microphones for those who need them. In total, we have 180 channels of wireless systems, so no matter how many kids are in the play, they’ll all be heard loud and clear. All sets come with handheld devices and beltpacks.

Wireless In-Ears

Our wireless in-ears are another versatile option for professional performers, lecturers, and broadcasters. The typical setup is to have a pack for each person who needs it. That could be a singer, a performer, the MC of a corporate event, etc. In-ears allow for communication from one person in the control center to the person wearing the device. 

“Don’t forget to give the CEO, Bob Smith, a shoutout!” 

“Remind everyone about the Q&A after the show!” 

“Now would be a good time to acknowledge the shareholders…” 

These are all opportunities where reminders from in-ears can be particularly useful.

For larger performances and productions, we have systems where a producer can speak into multiple systems at the same time. In fact, we’ve produced audio visual events in NJ and all throughout the tristate area where we’ve done up to 60 of them at once. This lets one person (the organizer of a major event, for example) speak into 60+ peoples’ in-ears at the same time. So if you need all the servers in your massive catering hall to display a Michelin Star dessert at the exact same time, this is a good way to make sure it gets done right. 

ADA Compatibility – Wireless is the Way to Go

Stellar Productions wants to make the audio at our events accessible to everyone. We have the capability to incorporate ADA functionality for hearing impaired individuals, allowing those who wear hearing aids to connect to our systems and experience our events even more fully. We can also translate information from in-ears into different languages so nothing gets lost in the mix. 

For more information about our wireless systems, we encourage you to contact us today.